Tech N9ne is easily one of the most loved, and most hated on rappers in the world. Not the United States, the WORLD. Let’s just start by simmering on the minor accolades: Over 2 million records sold, over 15 studio albums, numerous songs placed in feature films, video games, and television series…..and he’s 100% independent.

Whether you are fluent enough in chop-style raps to understand him or not, Tech N9ne has a unique ability to create music that anyone can vibe to. And, although he could have just allowed himself to make money off of rap (he’s more than good enough at it), he did not stop….possibly because that is one thought that eludes him. The thought of settling down.

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Many know of Tech N9ne the rapper, and many even know of Tech N9ne the CEO of Strange Music, but others may not know that Tech N9ne also acts. He has appeared in 2 films, a musical, and a few television shows. His skills are endless, and his business instincts are genius. His hands-on approach to the management of Strange Music differs from that of more commercial labels. If you compare the marketing strategies of Strange Music artists to those of headlining artists representing large labels, you will see very blunt similarities. But only one label did it first, and it was most likely Strange Music. Tech N9ne is not someone to be feared or hated, he should in fact be studied. If there was a college course for rap artists, his career would be the base model for Rap Mogul: 101.

This blog does not understand why mass media fears and disrespects him by not giving him the notoriety that he deserves, but we don’t care because he doesn’t care. Cheers to doing you and doing it well Tech! You are truly a Triple Threat!

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