Another one of our trend days, Triple Threat Thursdays will only feature artists who diversify their talents. While we appreciate our artists who are strictly dedicated to one lane, artists who have committed to more lanes than Highway 15 during rush hour deserve our utmost respect. To qualify, the artist must be committed to at least (you guessed it!) 3 different areas of creativity. The talents may be similar, but must be able to hold their own individually.

Our first Triple Threat Thursday shoutout goes to the one, and only, Ryan Leslie. I know, you may have assumed that I was going to throw out Jay Z or Missy Elliott. That is not what Euphonic Bridge is about. You can search Google for those artist and a million references will pop up. This is about taking the low-key artist and giving them the appreciation that they deserve.

Ryan Leslie is not only one of the best producers to ever walk this planet (search NextSelection), but he is a talented singer and he also raps. What most people are not aware of, is that he has also founded one of the most innovative start-ups I’ve heard of. Want his phone number? You can have it thanks to SuperPhone! The video below shows the genius that is Ryan Leslie, and the links below that are just more reasons to study him.


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