Coming straight out of San Diego, Mr. Sumoto is probably one of the top 10 photographers out of SoCal right now.

With only 5,226 followers on IG (How Sway?????), you may have seen other San Diego-based IG accounts steal his photos and use them for their own purposes. But there is only one Mike Sumoto. His detailed photos bring depth and dimension to various regions of Southern California. Using a technique that seems similar to stop-motion animation, Mike combines his photos and videos together with some amazing beats by equally amazing producers to give you a truly memorable visual.

But hey, don’t trust us, go take a look! The photos included in this post were taken directly from his IG account, and links to that and to his website are below:



A photo posted by San Diego, CA (@mikesumoto) on

A video posted by San Diego, CA (@mikesumoto) on

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